Enabling RNA Flow

Revolutionize your research with ultra throughput single cell RNA analysis.

Ultra-throughput Analysis

Achieve unparalleled speed and accuracy in RNA analysis workflows.

We make it easy to uncover new signals in the biological noise.


Detect multiple RNA targets with single-cell resolution at record speeds.

Fast & Easy Workflow

Get data in less than a day and minimize hands on time.

Assay breadth

Receive assays for any RNA target.

Compatible with antibody staining

Easily combine with your existing antibody staining panels.

Plugs into existing workflows

Use with any fluorescence-based flow cytometer.

Our Product WORKFLOW

Dahlia RNA Flow Assays

You can easily and confidently add intracellular RNA detection to your existing flow cytometry workflows with a less than 1 day protocol. Dahlia‚Äôs RNA Flow Assays are highly sensitive and specific, underpinned by our proprietary in situ detection chemistry and assay design pipeline.  


Discover the value of ultra-throughput RNA analysis.

  • Apply across multiple uses
  • Utilize existing workflows
  • Accelerating data generation

Protein and RNA Co-Detection

scRNAseq Validation

Cytokine Profiling

RNA-Based Cell Enrichment

To Get Started

1. Select up to 4 RNA targets to include in your panel.

2. Order optimized reagents and buffers.

Join the revolution

Discover the power of RNA Flow Assays with Dahlia Biosciences

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